White Water Kayaking

White Water (WW) Kayaking is a sort of 'downhill' sport. We get on a river at one point and travel downstream to get off at another. Most of the white water rivers have recognised sections to get on and off and these are graded between II (moving but mainly smooth) up to V (a convoluted waterfall!) but we stop at Grade IV, an adrenaline filled, but relatively sane, run. Once you have completed your BC Explore award (old 2 Star) and taken your AOAC Moving Water and Safety Skills (or equivalent) course you can join us for your first river trip (Grade II). 

We organise regular weekends trips where we usually cater for those starting out on their WW careers as well as those who want to develop their intermediate and advanced skills.  Ad-hoc day trips are organised at short notice when the weather conditions and levels are looking good.  These tend only to be at one skill level or we may split into separate groups. 

As most UK rivers are only good for WW during the rainy months we only plan to offer coaching on white water from the autumn to the spring.  We offer BC WW award training and assessment as demand indicates while we also offer help to those wanting to improve their skills on more advanced water. 

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