Buy or Renew AOAC Membership

Standard Membership: Costs only £35 per year. This gives you full access to the website and events.

Introductory Membership: Costs only £5 for 3 months. This is a limited membership, details of which are included below.  Introductory membership gives the opportunity to join in and find out more before becoming a full member.

  • Can only be used once per member and is for those who haven't previously been a member.
  • Gives full read only access to the Club website.
  • Allows you to post on the forums.
  • You will be able to attend as many free events as you like, which includes many or our non-residential walking, cycling, mountain biking, climbing and social events (for clarity, events with a 25p booking fee are considered "free" for these purposes).
  • Your will only be able to buy a place on one paid event, we're confident that you'll like it and want more but first you'll need to become a full member. That one paid event will have a maximum charge of £100, which easily covers our typical weekend trips, but if you want to join our longer trips then you'll need to become a full member.

You will not be able to:

  • Take part in training courses whether paid or free of charge.
  • Hire Club equipment.
  • Vote or stand for Committee positions.

Membership is available to UK residents only: Unfortunately from October 2023 we can only accept members who are "ordinarily resident in the UK", this constraint is imposed by our insurer. Please do not join unless you are ordinarily resident in the UK, and if your residence changes during your membership please contact us to arrange a refund of the unused portion of your membership.

How to Join

For new members to join AOAC for the first time, you will need to:

  • Create New Account to register on the website.
  • Receive a verification email - click the link to enable your account.
  • Set your password.
  • Return to this page in order to purchase membership via PayPal. 
  • You do not need a Paypal account - you can pay via PayPal as a guest with a credit/debit card if you prefer (laptop or pc only).
    • When at the 'Review Order' stage, select Pay via PayPal and continue to next stage.
    • The PayPal login screen appears with the option to log in to your PayPal account or pay via credit or debit card.  
    • Select Pay via credit or debit card.