Arranging Events: How to Do It

Thank you for looking at proposing an event, it’s excellent and what makes the club work!  Everything you need can be found under ‘Arrange Events’.

Before you book anything:

  • Look at the calendar to check your event doesn’t clash with another. If it does speak to the Activities Officer (AO) to discuss the viability of running two events at the same time.
  • Ensure you have allowed sufficient time for the event to fill (at least 6 weeks if possible).
  • Check ‘Financial Management’ (ignore if no costs are involved).
  • You can provisionally book accommodation, courses etc at this stage but do not commit financially until you have AO approval.
  • If you plan to use an external provider (eg hired skippers, courses run by external companies/individuals) please contact AO.
  • Ensure you have Approved Leaders on board if required – you can have the event open to these members for payment first to ensure they are able to book their place but please only reserve places for the minimum number of leaders and don’t hold spaces back to accommodate late payment. If in doubt about this or how it’s done contact AO for help.
  • Complete the Event Form (‘Propose an Event’).
  • Be sure to include personal equipment required and expected hire charges in your description if the event requires equipment or services that the Club cannot provide.
  • Be sure to complete the Budget section with enough information to explain the Club’s financial outlay and terms (otherwise AO cannot approve the event).
  • Wait to hear from AO by either:
    • Email confirming your event is approved
    • Email/phone call to discuss any issues
  • When you have AO approval – book (including any group equipment required from the Club)!


After you've booked the event:

  • Your event will appear on the calendar.
  • Complete a ‘Payment Request Form’ to arrange payment of any expenses. Receipts/Invoices can be photographed to upload as a file to the form. However, the file size is limited to 2 MB. Alternatively attach to an email to [email protected] and clearly reference the event name and date.
  • You need to keep your eye on how the places are selling. If it is an activity-specific event, consider opening up as a multi-activity event if necessary.
  • Market the event – use the Forum and Facebook to advertise (NB no specific details on Facebook please). Write some copy and email to Communications Officer ([email protected]) for inclusion in the Newsletter.
  • To make changes to the event use Edit my Event’
  • You may need to manage your own reserve list. If someone drops out of your event once it is full you can open that place to someone else by scrolling down to the box on the Event Form titled 'Give Access to Pay Online', uncheck the 'All members selected', click on 'Add Items' and select the desired name(s).


During the event:

  • If you have a surplus of income (eg the contingency monies) this can be used for the enhancement of the event, eg to buy food/drink, equipment (to go onto Club inventory), entrance fees or whatever can be shared by the group.


After the event:

  • Any final expenses should be claimed using the ‘Payment Request Form’ with receipts within 8 weeks of the event.
  • If there are refunds to issue add those names to the ‘Refund List’ found on the Event Form.
  • Complete the event (go to ‘Edit my Events’) and enter details of all participants (this completes the Club’s insurance records)
  • If there has been an incident please complete an incident form (see ‘Arrange Events, Incident Form’)