October Kayaking Weekend

Activity Type: 

  • Kayaking & Canoeing

Start date: 

25/10/2019 to 27/10/2019

Details (public view): 

A mixed ability weekend ranging from first White Water trip (kayak or open canoe) to more advanced skills, including opportunity to take and/or be assessed for your 3* White Water. 

Minimum requirement is that you have your 2* plus AOAC Moving Water Safety and Skills for White Water or Open Canoe.  

To all the new 2* paddlers with MWSS from this summer. This is where you can use your new found skills to experience the fun of a river trip. Dartmoor has a number of rivers just suited to your skill level. And on top of this you will be traveling though outstanding scenery. 

Have you been paddling white water for a while and want to step up a grade? Included in this weekend is opportunity for 3* training/assessment. Hone your moving water skills to move with confidence and poise on the water. 

We will also be running some higher grade rivers for those with more advanced skills. Given the water we will have a regular white water fest of a weekend! 

Cost per Person/Deposit: