intermediate-Advanced Sea Kayaking Anglesey 19-21 August

Activity Type: 

  • Kayaking & Canoeing

Start date: 

19/08/2022 to 21/08/2022

Details (public view): 

Come and enjoy a world class kayaking coast in Anglesey with something for everyone.  3 days of camping and paddling for intermediate - advanced paddlers.  More details to come and booking to open in late May. 

If you are unsure of your sea kayaking level, please have a look at  the competency guide below put together by our sea kayaking leaders and ask if you have any questions.


Experience needed

Likely conditions/skills covered

Leader/coach level


Familiar with support strokes to keep you stable; competent at deep water rescues; able to tow. Can roll or learning how to.

At about level of BC sea kayak award.

Approx 10-20 days on the water

Moderate. Swell and surf up to 1m, wind up to F4. Top tips given on handling surf and swell; rescue and rolling practice; journeys along the coast or to islands. Able to paddle approx. 20km and stay in the boat for an hour without a break. Be an active group member; competent at rescuing and being rescued in deep water. Learning to roll and self rescue; might be working towards leadership qualification.

Sea kayak leader (moderate water)

Intermediate Plus

Comfortable in moderate conditions; ready to progress to more advanced conditions

Working towards/at level of BC Coastal Sea Kayak Award

Approx 20-30 days on the water

Moderate/some advanced.

Including introduction to tide races and offshore islands; confident in rescues in conditions.

Ability to roll and self-rescue.

Swell and surf might be greater than 1m; may be no easy landing places for 2 or more hours. Required to paddle against F 4-5 wind.

Be an active member of the group.

Sea kayak advanced leader


Able to paddle in and against F5 wind, in swell of over 1m. Fit and able to paddle at approx. 5km/hr for several hours. Experience of tide races and rescues in conditions. Solid skills at level of BC Coastal Sea Kayak Award.

Moderate/advanced –tide races, swell of up to 2m, surf of over 1m. May involve long distances without getting out of the kayak at about 5km/hr.

Ability to roll and self-rescue in conditions.

Good level of fitness required; active group member

Sea kayak advanced leader


Cost per Person/Deposit: