Course: British Canoeing Paddle Explore Award - Kayak

Activity Type: 

  • Kayaking & Canoeing

Start date: 

31/07/2019 to 04/08/2019

Details (public view): 

The British Canoeing Paddle Explore Award (Kayak) is a follow on from the Discover Award and the replacement for BC 2 Star.

The Explore Award is an improvement award, which supports the development of fundamental paddlesport skills on sheltered water in a kayak. Successful performance at this level indicates that the paddler can use the required paddlesport skills on flat water to control movement of a kayak and have an understanding of how the paddle, boat, and water interact.

This course will cover kit/equipment, environment, paddle skills, safety and rescue.

Being able to paddle at a Explore level is a pre-requisite of most AOAC paddlesport trips and activities.

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