Alps trip 2023 - Week 2 - Dolomites

Activity Type: 

  • Multi-activity

Start date: 

24/06/2023 to 30/06/2023

Details (public view): 

The AOAC 2023 summer Alps trip will be held in Slovenia (Bovec) and Italy (Dolomites).
The dates for activities are Sunday 18th June to Friday 30 Jun with the expectation the people will travel either end of those dates.
Drive or fly/drive options are possible.

The first week in Slovenia will be focussed on kayaking and is suitable for those paddling at UK grade 3.
There are ample opportunities for mountain biking, climbing, walking and other activities in the area subject to leaders or may be done as private activities.

We will move from Slovenia to Italy on Saturday 24th June.

The second week in the Dolomites will be focussed on rock climbing, via ferrata and walking.

All club led activities will be subject to leaders being available.

For accommodation we will select campsites in Bovec and the Dolomites (both TBD). Fixed accommodation in hostels or apartments should also be available in both areas.

Cost per Person/Deposit: