Newsletter 127



AOAC Newsletter

Dear Member

This newsletter just covers the two emails sent this week as some members may not have received them. If the emails didn’t arrive in your inbox, please check your junk box and mark them as safe. We are hoping to solve the problem of emails going to junk shortly. The first item below is on club activities resuming and the second is on the club website.

Club activities – December 2nd onwards
We are continuing to do our best to ensure as many activities can take place as possible. Whilst the latest tier system does not make this easy, it is possible for us to run activities but with the following restrictions. Please note that as a club we will not be policing the tier system below.

  • A maximum group size of 6
  • If you are in tier 2 or Wales you should not travel to start an activity in tier 3
  • If you are in tier 3 you should not travel out of tier 3 to start an activity
  • Car sharing for shuttles can no longer happen
  • No indoor activities

With members spanning a wide area, living in tiers 2, 3 and Wales this is far from an ideal situation. Unfortunately, it is the best we can put in place that will allow events to continue. Please continue to put forward events, we are hoping to have a mix of activities across areas so that everyone has a chance to participate.

The latest Covid SOP and Risk Assessments can be found on the club website on the home page and under risk assessments

Club Website
The Committee is seeking the Club’s approval to employ an external web development company to design and develop a new wireframed website using WordPress. The target budget is between £6,000-£10,000 with a maximum cost of £12,000. 

Please use the link on the club forum or previous email to vote to approve or disapprove the Committee’s recommendation. The vote is anonymous, names are needed to verify that everyone participating is a Club Member. The deadline for voting is the 8th December 2020.
That’s it for now, we are hoping that activities will be able to return to something closer to normal by spring/summer and in the meantime that restrictions don’t get more complicated!

See you on an activity soon

AOAC Chair on behalf of the committee