Newsletter 125


AOAC Newsletter

Message from the Chair on behalf of the committee
Unfortunately, England going into lockdown will have a significant effect on our activities but below I’ve tried to outline some of the positives of the current situation for the club. Particularly we are hoping to move forward with a new website and are hoping you will join us online to discuss this.
Club activities: As of Thursday, all activities that involve meeting up in person will be cancelled until 2nd December in line with the latest government restrictions. Although if any of our Welsh members would like to organise and run activities for members living in Wales from 10th November onwards in line with restrictions there, that would be great!
Online activities: We are keen to resume our online activities, for example the quizzes and talks again, and would like to keep these running even when in-person activities can continue again. While it has been great to be able to participate in events over the summer, limits on numbers have made it difficult for many to participate and so through a combination of the two, people can continue to be involved and stay in touch with the club.
Looking forward: We are hoping to maximise the benefits from the current situation. The committee is using this time to move forward with bringing in new activities that we think will be popular with the membership and to move forward with the website. We are currently making good progress on bringing in Stand Up Paddle boarding. We are also focusing on the website…
Website: We were hoping to look at this at the last AGM however this was put on hold when the meeting went online. The committee has discussed this again recently and have agreed that we believe the best way forward would be to pay for an ‘off the shelf’ website which would cost approximately £6000. This would have the advantage of being more user friendly and modern than our current site however we may lose some functionality with it. As this is a significant amount of money we will be holding an online meeting on the 30th November. More details will be sent out closer to the time but please keep the evening free.


I was going to do a little piece on the success of the climbing section and how to get involved but will have to put that on hold. Here are some pics of recent sessions to whet your appetites for what will resume in due course.

Zoom Quizzes/Talks
If anyone has a quiz they'd like to put on or any ideas for an interesting talk, please speak to Pete to arrange [email protected]. These all proved very popular during the last lockdown and would be a great way to occupy some time and keep in contact with other members.


SUP Boarding
As Sarah has already mentioned things are moving on the SUP board front ...two people have stepped forward to be trained as SUP leaders; thank you Andy O. and Justin T., we look forward to paddling with you in the future. Justin has only just joined the club so extra kudos to him.

We are buying 6 inflatable SUP boards and associated kit. Exciting to have a new activity on board (literally 😂).

We're running out of committee members so let's take it easy, one at a time now...

Chair - Sarah

I joined the club 12 years to learn to kayak and have spent most of my time since on white water rivers, occasionally the correct way up. More recently I have discovered that there are other activities that are also worth doing and have enjoyed mountain biking, having my first go on a club beginner session. Being very slow to start is great for Strava, I just need to be slightly less slow each time to get a new record! I’ve climbed on and off for a long time but it is now one of my favourite club activities and It has been great to see the popularity of it increase in the club over the last couple of years. I’d talk about my life outside of the club but I don’t really have one, it’s all AOAC.
I’ve had various roles within the club for many years, mostly because I find it difficult to say no when asked. I do think joining the club is one of the best things I’ve done and so I’m keen to give back so that others can also gain from joining and taking part. Juggling sending committee emails during lockdown when I became a live-in babysitter for my nephews was sometimes a challenge... as you can see in the photo, Lewis didn’t appreciate it.

Sarah has been a fabulous Chair during these difficult times. We have been so lucky to have her at the helm, keeping on top of the current guidance and keeping us all updated throughout. Thanks Sarah, you are awesome.;

Hopefully see you on an event soon. Look out on calendar, forum and Facebook for future events x

If you have any interesting news/funny stories/free videos/tales of your favourite trips/tips that may help club members, in fact, anything that might be of interest/entertaining, to brighten up the next newsletter, please let me know at [email protected] . Thank you.

Stay safe and stay well

Cathy x