Newsletter 123


AOAC Newsletter

 It has been great to get events back up and running over the last couple of months and to start seeing club members getting out again! A big thank you to everyone who has made this happen. Please continue to put events on the calendar as we move towards the autumn and winter.

Now that we’ve had a chance to see how the changes we have made work in practice, along with the recent changes to government regulations, we’ve been able to make a few changes. Below is also a summary of the key changes that we have made but please take the time to read the updated documents. All changes in these documents have been highlighted in red Covid-19 SOP for participants organisers and leaders.docx and Covid-19 Risk assessment template.docx

Summary of changes

  • Organisers to copy Guy (Development Officer [email protected]) into the email sent to participants with the briefing, risk assessment and SOP
  • Events can now have a maximum of 12 people on them (including the leader.) This excludes indoor climbing and cycling due to National Governing Body recommendations.  
  • The organiser will need to consider the appropriate number on an event to ensure social distancing can be maintained. Some participants will prefer smaller sized events so a mixture on the calendar would be helpful
  • While lift shares to an event are still discouraged it is up to the individual and they will need to assess the risk themselves
  • Where a lift share as part of a car shuttle is needed for an event this needs to be clear in the event description and the latest guidance on this sent to participants and followed
  • Hiring of equipment can restart following the equipment hire risk assessment

We have extended everyone’s membership for a further 5 months as it is unfortunately very unlikely that activities will be back to normal before then.

While things remain uncertain and fast changing, we will continue not to make further bookings that require a financial commitment. We will also be continuing with day trips only. We will continue to review all procedures as things change and operate as fully as we can within the regulations while keeping our members as safe as we can.

Hoping to see you on an event soon

AOAC Chair on behalf of the AOAC committee