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Hey there

Three weeks further on and becoming accustomed to the rules changing by the minute, I am well used to this strange new life.Through the many online quizzes I now know more about Puffins and miniature Schnauzers than I ever thought possible, and more indeed than I ever needed to know! However, happy as I am with House Parties and Zoom get-togethers, I am more than happy to be allowed out for extra exercise and fresh air, and have made the most of this by meeting friends for walks and bike rides, socially distancing of course. I hope you're all well and enjoying getting out in the fabulous weather, something for which we can all be grateful, for sure. Some us of us may be back at work, some have been working all along, some just enjoying being furloughed (or retired), some of us may be struggling with the lack of social contact (sending love and big virtual hugs to any of you missing the real thing), but we are all in this together and I'm sure it's making a lot of people think differently about a lot of things. Anyway, on to business...


Committee updates
All activities have now been cancelled until the end of May. We are generally not adding new events to the AOAC calendar while the current restrictions are in place. Firstly because there is an admin burden in creating and then cancelling events and also because we don’t want to increase our financial liability when there is a high chance that events will be cancelled. There have been a couple of exceptions however. We recently put on the calendar ‘New Year 21/22’ as we feel this is significantly far in the future that the risk is low enough to make it worthwhile. Thanks Phil for organising what I am sure will be another amazing New Year trip! We will also soon be adding the popular Sennen August bank holiday trip to the calendar. Andy has found a location close to St Just where we don’t need to pay a deposit and have no financial liability as participants pay on arrival, thanks Andy for your work on this! 

While we are not adding events to the calendar please don’t let this stop you thinking of plans!  Maybe start planning some routes for a local walk or bike ride or start investigate options for an epic adventure ready to go on the calendar in future!

Our next Zoom committee meeting will be on 21st May.  If there is anything you think we should be discussing please feel free to send suggestions to [email protected]

Online Events

Quiz Night - Wednesday 20 May 2020
Julie has kindly arranged a Zoom quiz which has had wide appeal. There are still two places left if anyone wants to join in; it'll be great fun.

AOAC Zoom Talks- Organised by Fiona 
The first talk in the series, Keith's slide show of his trips to Cambodia and Norway, was a great success; an interesting insight into two very different adventures. Here are a few of the slides of Cambodia for those that missed it...

Sadly, Shaun had some technical issues during last week's talk but will be back online again once he sorts those out. Look out again for his talk on his adventures in Greenland coming to the calendar very shortly.

My Favourite Trip(s)
The committee were asked to choose their favourite AOAC trip of all time. This proved quite difficult as we have all had so many fabulous club trips....anyway here are a few, you may remember them yourself. What's your favourite trip? Please share [email protected].

Sarah - Chair
I couldn't narrow down all of my AOAC trips to one favourite so I've chosen a few in no particular order ....

Torridon in Scotland, February 2009: My second non-kayaking trip with the club and it was amazing (not because of the lack of kayaking)! There was snow, amazing mountains, remoteness and full-on walking trips every day.

Sennen August Bank Holiday 2014: This is where I discovered kayak surfing. I love kayak surfing, it's my favourite of all the types of kayaking!

French Ardeche and Alps Trip 2019: Kayaking, climbing, via ferrata, walking and eating ice cream in stunning locations. This trip was great because I got to do a bit of all of the things I enjoy over a two week trip.


Wendy - Activities Officer
The best trip I've done with AOAC was to the sailing in 2018 (Balearics and then Kefalonia).  The yacht sailed beautifully and it was a great opportunity to learn more.  It was relaxing, chilled, challenging, much fun, with good company and great food.

Jo  - Secretary
I have chosen the Scotland Easter Trip in 2019 as one of my favourite AOAC events. It was a fantastic location with a variety of activities on offer. Highlights of the trip included: the fun, blue-graded mountain bike trails at the Nevis Range; the stunning scenery on the expertly led mountain walks and the hugely entertaining ceilidh evening.

For me, the biggest challenge was probably managing to climb the vertical ice walls at the indoor National Ice Climbing Centre without injuring myself.

The added bonus of the trip was landing a lift with the awesome Rhian in whose car three of us were able to squeeze a totally unrealistic amount of luggage. Not forgetting of course, the endless supply of snacks due to Sarah being on board.

Guy - Development Officer
My past favourite trip was the 4 days in the New Forest road cycling weekend.
Good weather, great company (25 members came, huge for a cycle trip) nice routes, no carrying your kit on the bike, brill pub and takeaways and nothing went wrong.

 My future favourite trip will be the first one after restrictions are lifted and we all get to enjoy what the club does best. Activities with other members!

Cathy - Communications Officer
Two of my favourite trips have already been mentioned - the Kefalonia sailing trip in September 2018 and last year's Ardeche/French Alps trip; both filled with a combination of activities and relaxation, having great fun with fabulous people. 

My other favourite trip was this year's Bulgarian snow adventure. 12 of us beginners/low intermediates enjoyed a low-key skiing/boarding trip where the emphasis was more on fun and local culture than on the slopes! I particularly loved having snowboarders (and skiers) my level to board with and their great support. Again getting the balance of activity and chilling just right. We had fabulous, organic, locally-sourced, home-cooked food and plentiful of good quality local wine that kept us all happy. Hoping we'll be able to do something similar next year, but if not then, please, the year after?

If you have any interesting news/funny stories/free videos/tales of your favourite trips/tips that may help club members, in fact, anything that might be of interest/entertaining, to brighten up the next newsletter, please let me know at [email protected] . Thank you.

See you sometime in the future :)

Stay safe and stay well

Cathy x