Newsletter 116 B


AOAC Newsletter

Hi all

Well, this is a strange newsletter to write. No news of exciting trips to relay, no tales of derring-do on the activities front and no social interaction to report. I can however use this newsletter to relay our thanks and support to all the amazing people out there on the front line keeping our country going in these difficult times: the doctors, nurses, medical staff, delivery drivers, supermarket workers, postal workers, carers, community groups, volunteers; these are the true purveyors of derring-do - displaying heroic courage in times of adversity. We applaud you.

Others of us are doing our bit by simply staying indoors, and this must be difficult for many members. How are you all coping? What are you doing to relieve the boredom?  Please email your ideas to [email protected] so we can keep everybody sane. I for one am absolutely fine, with over 500 books to read, jigsaws to complete, puzzles to solve, patchwork seat covers to sew for my campervan, lovely friends to catch up with on House Party/WhatsApp/Webex/Zoom, TV box sets to watch, great food to cook, and plenty of online HIIT/yoga classes to keep me fit (and my weight down!), I'm as happy as Larry. To top this all off I have managed to fit in some volunteering at Chai Shai, peeling onions and packing meals for NHS workers, to assuage some of the guilt. Who's found some volunteering work to do? What are you doing? Can others join in? Please share your experiences (and give me something to write about in the next newsletter!).

Extending Membership/Refunds
Many have been working hard behind the scenes to do the best for the club in these uncertain times, including the committee, assistants, web master and event organisers.  We will continue to cancel events and activities on a fortnightly basis and when this situation changes, we will notify all members. If you are waiting for a refund, please be patient, it is taking time as we are having to set up a payment from the AOAC bank account to PayPal.  As this is something we haven’t had need to do before it is taking time to set this process up, thanks Carrie and Alan for your work on this.

The committee want to protect the membership of the club and have therefore agreed that for every month activities are suspended, we will add an additional month to everyone’s membership.  While we still have outgoings, we felt it more important to retain members.  We also appreciate that this is a difficult time financially for a number of our members and hopefully this will help. You can see the end date of your membership if you go to 'My Account' on the top menu bar.

We will return to a more normal life in time. Why not spend some of your downtime dreaming up exciting trips/events you'd like to see on the calendar in the future. Whilst a lot of this year's events will be postponed and held at a later date, there must still be other opportunities out there. Get your thinking caps on!

Right, on the theme of stuff to do:

From Guy:
Staying In and Cycling Stuff
Turbo Trainers
Turbo trainers are now the thing. I’m amazed how many people have them in their sheds, garages, lofts!!!

There are apps and websites, CycleGo and Les Mills as examples, to help you with the process and I found I needed the target and achievement bit to make a repeatable action. Sooo boring otherwise. I found it hard to do without stimulus of music or measurement. “Riding along on my push bike honey, when I noticed you…” might not cut the rug, but “Pump it”, The Black Eyed Peas might.

If you haven’t got a trainer, or even if you have, home gym exercises are good. Go Google!
I found . The site has lots of other tips but you have to search them out.
Vids and Films
There are loads of MTB vids and even some road stuff… check out
(Big shout out to Jon Slade for compiling)
Old Kit and Gear
Then you could also get all that old kit together and ready for the return to normal and perhaps an AOAC big bike jumble. One due as I have loads of things I want to pass on….. like 6 road saddles!!
Thanks Guy.

Free Adventure Films Online
Now you must all have found/shared the free adventure film screenings that are out there but for those who haven't, here are a some sites to try:

Irene has found these kayaking ones:

Thank goodness as well for all the jokes and memes out there doing the rounds. You've got to laugh! Have any of you produced your own Lockdown videos? If so, please let me have them to include in the next newsletter

Now just some old photos to re-visit:

If you have any interesting news/funny stories/free videos/tales of your favourite trips/tips that may help club members, in fact, anything that might be of interest/entertaining, to brighten up the next newsletter, please let me know at [email protected] . Thank you.

See you sometime in the future :)

Stay safe and keep well

Cathy x