Newsletter 114


AOAC Newsletter

Hello all,

It’s that time of year again where we have to start thinking about the AOAC Club Committee for the next year. As usual the current Committee will step down and a new Committee will be elected at the AGM to take up their responsibilities from 1 April 20.

This year the AOAC AGM will be held at The Southbank Club, Dean Lane, Bedminster, BS3 1DB on 31 March 2020 at 8pm.

This is a great opportunity for members to become more involved and find out about the running of the Club. A free drink will be available at the bar from 7.30pm.

The evening will include reports from committee members and we will discuss any challenges facing the Club as well as areas we think we should be focusing on in the following year. Any resolutions proposed by Members or the Committee will be debated and voted upon.  Resolutions by Members need to be sent to the Club Secretary ([email protected]) by 3 March 2020. We will also elect the Committee for next year and of course all posts are up for re-election.  Being on the Committee is a great opportunity to give back and have an input in the running of the club.  Many stay on the Committee for years and keep coming back, so it can’t be too bad!  Some current Committee members have chosen to stand again but others have decided not to stand for their current roles; either way, every role is open for nominations

I’m sure you all understand how having a Committee is vital to the successful running of the Club and most of you will have an appreciation about what the Committee actually does on your behalf. As a Committee member you will have the opportunity to shape the Club so that it best serves all members now and in the future. This can be a very rewarding experience and can also allow you to gain experience in dealing with matters that you might not normally come across in your personal and professional life, and may be something worth adding to your CV.

If this sort of thing is new to you there is no need to worry as there is plenty of support available from within the Committee and experienced membership. Similarly, you may think that you would find it hard to find the time to do a role properly; I would suggest that most roles require a lot less time than you probably think and we are all volunteers doing this in our spare time so, other commitments are well accepted. Indeed, most of the current Committee have very busy lives but still find the time to do their bit.

If you’re unsure or would like to find out more speak to any of the current Committee who will be happy to talk over the roles and what life on the Committee is like. There is also information in the Club Rules on the responsibilities of each role

It’s been a while since we’ve had the opportunity to vote for more than one person for a given role (excluding role shares); so please step forward, even if others are standing for the same position. To be nominated for a position on the committee, each nominee must have been proposed by an AOAC member and seconded by another member. Please forward nominations for any committee role to the Club Secretary ([email protected]). 

It would be great to have lots of Members along, a good turnout is always appreciated and did I mention there’s a free drink?!

Hope to see you there!