Who we are

All sorts of outdoor sports for all sorts of people

The Avon Outdoor Activities Club is a Bristol multi-activity outdoor pursuits club with about 400 members. Anyone (over the age of 18) is welcome. It is run by its members for its members and offers you a chance to take part in and organise many activities. You don't need to be an expert (complete beginners are encouraged and are very welcome) but if you are an expert you will find yourself in good company.

Club activities are run by experienced club members who pass on their skills in organised sessions. New activity organisers are always welcome and will get a lot of support and advice from experienced organisers.

We organise regular activities including Walking, Mountain Biking, Road Cycling, Canoeing/Kayaking, Sailing, Skiing and Boarding, Indoor Climbing, Windsurfing, Wild Swimming and Caving. These are scheduled in the events calendar on this website and in the weekly club email newsletter. We have numerous multi-activity weekends away throughout the year in beautiful parts of the country and holidays abroad. We also have regular social events - everything is detailed in our events calendar.

Open Evening - this is our intro to the club that usually happens on the first Wednesday of each month. Please check the calendar to confirm the date and location.

Weekends & Bank Holidays - One of the most popular aspects of the club are the weekends away. These are sometimes focused on one activity but often a location is chosen so that a number of activities can take place simultaneously. This means that you can have a bit of variety while you are away. Accommodation is usually camping in the summer and cottages, outdoor centres, youth hostels and walking huts in the winter.

Spring & New Year - Each year there are normally popular trips to further places (Scotland, Lakes, Yorkshire) for a few days where walking, canoeing and mountain biking are normally possible.

Ski Trip - Usually at the end of January, around 40+ club members fly to a resort for a thoroughly enjoyable week's skiing - no experience needed.

Mediterranean Sailing Week - Usually at the end of June or Sep, up to four yachts (24 club members) gently sail, swim and relax in the sea - novices welcome

You must be a member to take part in any activity